About Andrew Drapper

Andrew Drapper

Andrew Drapper has been a Christian for over 40 years, is married to Ruth and has eleven home educated children. Andrew has been the Pastor of 2 churches and a Youth and Community Worker for a Christian Bus Project, as well as a business consultant and success trainer.

More recently he has been teaching one on one evangelism using the Way Of The Mater material adding to it to produce a full days training ending up going out onto the streets to share the good news. More info here 

While teaching churches evangelism, He found many church teens could not answer simple questions like, “How old it the Earth?” or “Where do dinosaurs fit in the Bible? To counter this he put together Arking About an evening walk through the first eleven chapters of Genesis and especially a look at the size and capacity of the Ark.

He is the editor of the website TheRedPill.Report and the host or The Red Pill Report podcast. The Red Pill Report podcast is usually posted every weekend as a news review, and sometimes we add mid-week interviews when guests are available.

The purpose of The Red Pill Report is to help people, (especially in the UK and Europe), to think about the NEWS and CURRENT AFFAIRS and what the mainstream media is telling us, asking questions like, “Is there another side to the events that we are seeing?” Particularly asking the question, ‘Are we being played?’ Is the mainstream media keeping us in the dark, or misleading us by omission or by commission?

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