About Doug Krieger

Doug KriegerDoug Krieger is a retired public school administrator and teacher. Currently, he is the Editor-in-Chief of TRIBNET PUBLICATIONS for the past ten years. He has written multiple books on theology and contemporary subjects of interest to the Christian world.

Doug now serves on the Board of the Commonwealth Foundation (now working on the ultimate release of the Commonwealth Reference Bible); ONE BODY LIFE (an international ministry championing the answer to our Lord’s Prayer found in John 17.

Doug’s FB is Tribnet 7000 and, along with his personal FB page has nearly 20,000 members. He and Pastor Doug Shearer share on “Doug and Doug Talk Prophecy” (a YouTube Video Channel on Bible Prophecy). He is married to the lovely Deborah Krieger for the past 50 years, has three children who love the Lord Jesus and a quiver full of grandkids. He resides in Sacramento, California.

Doug co-author the controversial blockbuster text, AMERICA – THE FINAL BABYLON, with co-authors S. Douglas Woodward and Dene McGriff. His “SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS & ON THE EARTH…Man’s Days Are Numbered and he is Measured” . . . was the #1 Best Seller for over a year in Science/Math/Measurement & Mensuration Categories on Amazon.

He is also a board member of both THE PROPHECY FORUM and URBAN HOPE CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE.

His Magnum Opus, THE TWO WITNESSES, was published in the fall of 2014 (two volumes). He is also the co-author of BLOOD ON THE ALTAR, along with 11 other authors. THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS…Why the Rapture of the Church Matters…released in 2015..He was graduated from California State University, Los Angles with post-graduate work at CSUS/Sacramento in Education Administration. Former elder/pastor during the Jesus Movement in Berkeley California and is a conference speaker at both prophetic and educational seminars.

Doug’s expertise is on “timelines” and Bible Prophecy, as well as biblical numbers and how they relate to the Neolithic Earth and to the Dimensions of Paradise. Doug was for nearly 12 years an editor of the Tribulation Network with Dene McGriff and wrote scores of articles for many publications during that time frame–his articles, in particular, appear on World Mysteries of Canada.

His website is now at TRIBNET.ORG which is also a major blog on the aforementioned topics. Doug also speaks on the ramifications of the geopolitical world as it pertains to Bible Prophecy and the “Time of the End.” He has over 50 videos available online at The Tribulation Network. His voice can be heard all over Blog Talk Radio and his articles and graphics seen all over the internet by simply searching for his name.

Doug’s schedule is always changing – he will be organizing and holding at least three major conferences in the USA in 2019–Sacramento, Denver, and Nashville, TN; as well as “teaming-up for the faith of the gospel” gatherings with other ministries, pastors and Christian workers.

He is keen on the ONE BODY OF CHRIST and, although he holds strong doctrinal and practical convictions, he is all out in “endeavoring to keep the unity of the faith, in the uniting bond of peace” among God’s people. “We need to be watchful for His Coming again in glory, having our lamps filled with the Oil of the Holy Spirit, and our talents invested in the Kingdom – Watch, Walk, and Witness for the Savior is what the Christian Life is all about – Christ, our Messiah and His Eternal Plan and Purpose of the Ages in preparing to be His spotless Bride!”

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