About Dr. Daniel Daves

Dr. Daniel Daves

Dr. Daniel Daves is a business developer, market educator, and philanthropist. He specializes in developing international business strategies and he educates students in profitable technical market trading using stocks, futures, options, forex and cryptos.

Dr. Daves resides in Panama where he and his wife Tracy are building an educational prototype farm that is training community leaders in the third world to feed widows and orphans in distress through organic agriculture and commercial farming.

Dr. Daves had two powerful dreams from God in 2008 which showed the diabolical plans of the global elite to seize America, destroy her sovereignty and reduce her strength to ashes. These dreams were a direct warning from God. One of the dreams was actually verified verbatim in a Hollywood movie scene years later.

Dr. Daves wrote the book, “Warning America: Attempted Hostile Takeover Exposed” which gives exact details of the dreams plus his analysis and simple strategies on how you can protect your “faith, family, finances and future” from the attempted take over by hostile forces. You will not want to miss Dr. Daniel’s two sessions that will empower you going forward into the future. You will hear the dreams, get direct up to date analysis, and you will see the actual Hollywood movie scene that verified the dream and how it unfolded.

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