About Ray Gano

Last Days Warrior ConRay Gano is the Executive Director of Prophezine. Prophezine (PZ) deals with bible prophecy, world events, and preparedness. He and his wife Tracye produces a 20+ page newsletter every week called The PZ Insider Report as well as their podcast Last Days Warrior. You can also catch them on YouTube.

Besides writing weekly articles, he has 8 books that he has written which are available on Amazon in book and Kindle format.

His website http://raygano.com is accessed from all over the world and literally has thousands of visitors a day visiting his website.

He has been a guest speaker at a number of Bible prophecy as well as survival conferences all over the US.

He has been a guest on Sky Watch TV, The Jim Bakker Show, a special episode of 5 in 10 with Derek Gilbert as well as he and his wife being the focus on a History Channel documentary.

He and his wife live in North Houston located in the great state of Texas.

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What Do You Get By Being a PZ Insider?

  • You get The PZ Insider Report. This is a 20+ page report that deals with bible prophecy, world events and preparedness. This is delivered to your email every Monday in PDF format.
  • We have a new show that Tracye and I are doing called “Last Days Warrior Radio” We have about 20 shows posted and we are trying to do several shows a week. We are excited about this.
  • You gain access to our Audio Library where I have posted some of my teachings, some of my favorite pastor’s teachings as well as great interviews I have done or shows I was on.
  • Our Survival Library has returned. We had this going on the old site and I have had some emails about this. So what I have done is brought it back and I will be regularly adding files to this library.


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