I am so excited about this summit I am a history and prophecy geek. It is very nice to know I can watch this from wherever and whenever since it is hard to travel. We have an amazing line up of speakers who are speaking on the NOW! Thank you for this because we live in perilous times I am heeding these warnings! I hope many hear these messages! God bless! Jesus is on His way!

Kris R

No more having to take time off from work. No more lengthy travel. No more costly hotels room & having to eat out. Watch when you want to watch, listen when you want to listen. This is an “on demand summit” where YOU control when and where you want to watch and listen about his critical information.

Bob R

Thanks for putting that online for all of us that are scattered all over the country! Some of these conferences that are taking place charge so much money plus your hotel plus your travel plus your food it gets overwhelming I’m starting to get a little bugged by all of that?? I know a worker is worthy of their higher I know that! We’re in a period of time in our country that the word needs to get out to everybody and not everybody can afford to come to some of these conferences what you’re doing is awesome thank you!

Susan R

YES!!! This summit is a great idea. As a pastor I am asked often how a Christian can make a difference in today’s society. I think a summit like this is a fantastic tool and resource, and every zealous Christian should get involved and utilize this resource.

Sam G

As someone who works to bring content to remnant believers, I am so excited about this new platform! What a great way to get information in front of those who desire to learn the truth about what is going on around us in the world today and what can we do about it from a biblical perspective. As mainstream media pushes leftist government agendas, those who see through it are left shaking their heads and wondering “now what”? Social media is censoring Christian and right winged content making it harder to find information that keeps to the cultures, laws, and values that have been our foundation in the West for decades. Having met some of the speakers myself while attending conferences in person, and following others in my own journey of truth, I can tell you that this lineup of speakers will empower you by giving you insight and perspective on what our Christian response should be and what action to take as our world prophetically turns upside down. An international, on-demand internet-based summit is easy, affordable and accessible to everyone. Great idea!! Audrey V of Remnant Online Fellowship.org

Audrey V

Ray this is addressing your online conference. Both my husband and I have found these speakers amazing. They are insightful and make you think. Thank you for getting such an exciting group together and enabling us to watch and listen, at our leisure. Thanks again. Jim & Betty B

Jim & Betty B